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Artistic Statement
Questions are the attractive frames within which I paint.
I am struck by the environment’s inevitabilities..
A world shivers with new patterns and old cycles.
How to choose between anchors and wings?
To lament or celebrate?
Does a landscape in turbulent paint speak too softly of swaying fields in slow erosion and ambient pollution?
How is a rigid bridge weighted in competition with the rainbow of existence it spans?
Do volatile moods and abrupt acts echo upon the horizon or are they muted by the moment?
Where is a portrait’s integrity as focus drifts between self-awareness and appearance?
Questions give structure to the space paintings fill.
My works evolve -progressive layers, subtle influences, pauses – never expecting a clear and clever answer.

Brian Dirks was born and raised in upstate New York, left university for a life beyond his homeland to continue as an
independent artist.
His varied works reside in private and public collections across North America.
Brian currently lives in London, Ontario Canada.

Legal buy viagra online usa, Annual sales of viagra 2010